Free MP3 Download vs Music Streaming Service

Downloading Free MP3s: What’s the Harm?

What is File Sharing?

File sharing happens when a network of individual computers is linked to the other computers by a sharing program, an example of such programs includes Kazaa, WinMX, Morpheus, Limewire and original Napster. The file sharing program has to be installed on your device for you to make use of the file sharing. Since the file sharing program connects your device to other user’s computer, you are able to browse the music files on their computers. However, just like you access the mp3 file on other users’ computers, is the same way they can also access your computer which in short mean you give strangers the access to your computer.

Is File Sharing Safe for Your Kid?

In addition to passing around mp3 file, the P2P network also passes pre-released movie, pirated video games, and short video clips most of which are pornographic. With P2P network, it is hard for a parent to monitor what their children have been doing on the computer since the network operates on web browsers that do not have website addresses which mean the normal conventional methods, for example, the browser histories cannot work on a P2P network.

Maybe you are thinking that internet Filter Software Program will help you solve the p2p network sharing problem but that is not the case since you kids can come across pornographic material even without looking for it. Remember in the other internet programs you as a parent you are able to monitor what your kid can access on the internet by the use of Internet Filters.

Does Downloading Free MP3 Hurt the Music Industry?

There is a reason why you parent taught you not to trust the strangers, and most importantly not to accept gifts from them, this is because the benefits of such things are insignificant compared to the damages they might cause. For instance, in the case of mp3 files, most of them come with spyware programs or even computer virus which completely damage your computer. For the spyware program, it makes it possible for hackers to gain access to your sensitive information that you have stored on your device, in fact, most of the identity theft case are as a result of such software.

Can Downloading Free Mp3 Harm Your Computer?

Downloading free mp3 file has been compared to recordable tape cassettes since you have the chance and freedom to download a given song of an artist without having to buy his entire original CD which means the musician will incur a loss from his project.

Most of the people who use the P2P network to download mp3 files argues that such sharing is a way of making the artist known, they also go on to say that most of this artist makes millions so they won’t feel the impact. Despite all the reason given to justify the free downloading of mp3 files, the truth is the artist that you love and you think you are promoting him by downloading his free mp3 song is the one who incurs the loss.

Is It Against the Law to Download Free MP3s?

According to copyright laws, it is the right of a company or a person who has created an original work to control the distribution of that work. By control the law means the person or the company perfectly control the number of copies produced and the price the copies goes for. What P2P networks do is to make control of such distribution impossible which in turn means the artist will not make the targeted profit. It is ironical that most people think shoplifting a CD from a store is wrong but downloading the mp3 music for free is cool. In the recent days, some people have faced charges for illegal sharing where the entertainment industry is using this as a way to caution the public from such behaviors.

Is there an Alternative to Downloading Free MP3s Illegally?

Music streaming services is the option that gives you the freedom to share files, with this services, you do not have to worry about anything since it is legal, convenient and safe. The problem of having to buy a full album for you to listen to a few songs is solved by music streaming download services since all you need to do is pay for one song that you are interested in and not the whole album.

Also with music download services, you will have solved all the problems that might be caused by the spyware software, computer viruses and most importantly you will solve the problem of addictive pornography. Remember the songs are sold at a very friendly price which means you pocket will still be full, your computer safe and your conscience clear for doing the right thing. The other advantage of music download services is that everyone wins. in that the musician you adore benefit from his work and you as a fun get quality music without having to compromise the safety of your computer.

5 Ad-Free Music Streaming Services:

  1. Google Play
  2. Pandora Internet Radio
  3. Spotify
  4. Amazon Music Unlimited
  5. Sony Music



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