Top 5 Most Expensive Boot Brands

Surprisingly, there are boots out there that are very expensive. When gossiping about luxury clothing, boots are not usually talked about as much. Most women like to talk about heels and casual shoes. The popular UGG brand is the closest item that is well known for a lot of purchases as a boot only during the winter and fall season. But this list shows boots that are so highly priced, it can make you think twice about wearing them in public.

AF Vandevorst

This brand was created by a married couple who had a vision of styling their own footwear of boots. AF Vandevorst was introduced in 1997 and has increased in popularity every year. AF Vandeorst has been featured at many fashion shows in which popular models has worn them at the showcase. These boots are very unique with high quality diamonds that are 1,527 carots. The cost of the boots are so expensive that the models at a 2014-2015 fashion show in Paris had to be showcased in a glass box that was bulletproof for safety reasons.

Manolo Blahnik

A Spanish fashion designer named Manolo Blahnik Rodriguez decided to make his own style of boots in his name. He is from the Carney Islands and started designing in the 60s. His first style of footwear was to design women’s shoes but he eventually grew to the idea of designing boots as well. Today his brand became so popular that he owns his own boutique in New York City and the starting price for his black alligator syle boots are 14,000 dollars.

Tres Outlaws

Tres Outlaws is a company located in El Peso, Texas that features numerous professional boot makers that are passionate about making a great quality pair of boots. The theme of these boots are the cowboy type look which is very popular in Texas. One of the boot makers made a boot style using 18,000 dollars worth of gold and silver coins with the final design costing 75,000 dollars.


When the Gucci brand is heard, the word “money” may come to mind. This luxury brand is well known for its high sense of fashion. For Gucci’s leather boots, the price will start off at 4,000 dollars. Celebrities are often spotted wearing these boots.


Fendi is also a well known brand to be high fashioned. The popular Fur Hiker Boot with a Spike Heel will cost 2,900 dollars. The fur comes out of goats from Spain with calf hair from New Zealand. These boots are known to be limited addition and can only be purchased at high fashioned stores.

If fashion is something you are passionate about and if you make foot wear seriously, these boots are highly recommended to try out. Wearing high fashioned boots like these can get you a lot of attention and will definitely be one of a kind due to the high price. It all depends if you feel that it is worth it enough to purchase.




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